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Free Bonus #5 - Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices. This brilliant little do-it-yourself guide contains blueprints, ideas, and instructions for building over 114+ AWESOME pipes and bongs using readily-available simple household items.
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Making your own bong or water pipe is probably much easier than you imagine; all you need to make a bong is an airtight and watertight vessel to which you add a stem. The aim is to drag (inhale) the smoke through water which will take any large chunks and ash out of it and cool the smoke before it enters your lungs.

Homemade bongs consist of:

  • A bowl or cone piece for the marijuana to sit and be burned – buy one, they’re not expensive. Alternatively make one from aluminium foil – better to just buy one!
  • A screen or gauze – obtainable from head-shops. At a push you could use silver foil. This step is not necessary if you have a good bowl.
  • A stem – you can get these quite cheaply but a ballpoint pen with the innards removed will do the job but I like to use about 6 inches of normal garden hose, cut some off yours or the neighbours you hate! Also the bowl will fit perfectly into the rubber hose.
  • A chamber – a plastic sports or wattle bottle will do for this, around 500ml or 0.50 oz
  • Mouthpiece is the top of the bottle.

Instructions for using and Making a Homemade Bong

The Professional way to make a bong

Get your 6 inch of garden hose and lighter, turn the plastic bottle on its side and make the heat from the lighter ‘lick’ the side of the bottle about 2 inches up from the bottom. Keep the heat there until the bottle plastic starts to bubble and make a small hole, keep the hole even and round, when the hole is about half the size of the hose diameter JAM the hose in through the small melted plastic hole. This way you will create a water tight seal with no need for glue, Blue Tac or anything else. Then on the opposite side of the plastic bottle create another small hole about 3 inches high (higher than where the water will stay). This is the ‘shotty’ which you place your thumb over and remove when you want to clear the chamber. Stick your bowl in the hose, marijuana in the bowl, thumb over the shotty, mouth over the mouthpiece, light the herb and inhale. Near the end of your inhalation remove your thumb from the shotty, place the lighter over the bowl to kill the herb from burning any more and clear the chamber of smoke. Hold that shit in dude. You are now stoned! Repeat.

The Messy Unprofessional way of making a bong

  • Pierce a hole in the bottle that will take the stem. You need to place it so that, when the stem is in place, it protrudes around 2cm and is around 1cm up from the bottom of the bottle;
  • When the stem is in place, this hole needs to be airtight. BlueTac will do the job but tissue paper soaked in superglue and pushed around the gap makes a better seal;
  • Cut a hole in the bottle cap to take your hose, which needs to be pushed through by about 1cm and made airtight as above;
  • About ¾ up the bottle make a hole about 75mm in diameter; this is your thumb-hole;
  • Fill your bong with water to around 2cms below the stem and put the cap back on the bottle
  • Pack the bowl with weed, place your finger over the thumb-hole;
  • Light the weed and inhale through the hose;
  • When the herb is burnt, take your thumb from the hole so that the chamber empties of smoke.



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