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Free Bonus #5 - Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices. This brilliant little do-it-yourself guide contains blueprints, ideas, and instructions for building over 114+ AWESOME pipes and bongs using readily-available simple household items.
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You might know a gravity bong better as a bucket bong or a beach bong; basically gravity bongs make use of gravity and air pressure to fill a large chamber with smoke, which is then expelled quickly into the lungs. These are far more potent than most other smoking paraphernalia because the hits are so large – you have been warned! I am not kidding, you sometimes don’t blow out any smoke as it all still stays in you.

Instructions for Making a Gravity Bong

You’re unlikely to find a commercially made gravity bong, so here are some instructions for a simple homemade bong:

Equipment Needed for a Homemade Gravity Bong

  • 2 litre plastic bottle like a Coke bottle with a plastic screw on lid (transparent is best);
  • 5 gallon bucket or bigger;
  • Knife (to cut the plastic bottle);
  • Good bowl, really you need a bowl or cone piece for this, like the ones used in pipes.

Making your Gravity Bong

  • Cut the bottom from the bottle;
  • Take the screw on lid of the bottle and drill or cut a little (2mm) hole in the middle of it. This is to help the next step along;
  • With your lighter you need to slowly melt through the lid and when there is a small hole and the plastic is melted you need to JAM the cone piece or bowl into the lid so that comes right through the other side. It needs to be air tight and air must be able to pass through the bowl;
  • Put the bottle in the bucket and fill the bucket up to the neck of the bottle;
  • Pack the lid with the bowl in it with weed, screw it onto the top of the bottle;
  • Light the weed while you slowly lift the bottle from the water – the slow bit is important, it makes for more concentrated smoke as the air draws into the chamber (bottle);
  • When the bottle has filled with smoke, but while the bottom of the bottle is still just in the bucket water, carefully take the screw on lid/bowl off and put your hand over to top;
  • Place your mouth over the bottle but don’t suck, just let the bottle fall back down in the bucket. Or if you are a real man. Push the bottle down hard!!
  • Cough loudly so the entire neighbourhood can hear you.



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