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How to Make a Homemade Marijuana Pipe

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Marijuana pipes are relatively to make out of a variety of household objects; just a few examples are: apples, potatoes, pens, cans, bottles, paper clips, aluminum foil…

Here we show you how to make a weed pipe from an old soda can.

Homemade Pipe: Items Required

  • A washed, empty soda can
  • A ‘hole-making’ tool (for instance a paper clip)

How to Make your Homemade Pipe

  • You’re going to need a flattened bowl area to hold your weed, a vent to clear the smoke and a mouthpiece.
  • The hole in the can that you drink from forms the mouthpiece.
  • Make a flat area at the bottom of the can, aligned with the mouthpiece, to hold your weed.
  • With a paper clip or other hole-making tool, make a hole in the center of this indentation. Don’t make it too big, you don’t want your weed to fall through. If you think the hole is too small, make another tiny hole next to it – you can make up to three small holes.
  • Now make a slightly larger hole on the side of the can, which you will plug with your thumb when smoking.
  • Put your weed in the bowl, plug the larger hole with your thumb, burn your weed and inhale.


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