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Homemade Water Bong

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Bongs, or water pipes as they are sometimes known, have been around for centuries and they’re used for smoking a variety of herbs, including tobacco and shisha (a syrup soaked tobacco) as well as marijuana / weed.

It’s really easy to make a water bong and, because it utilizes common household bits and pieces you won’t need to buy anything special, (although you might want to buy a commercial bowl).

How to Make a Water Bong for Weed

Things you Need for a Homemade Water Bong

  • 2 litre plastic bottle – the type that mineral water or milk comes in. Don’t worry if you’re missing the top, you won’t need it
  • Scissors
  • A ballpoint pen with a hollow stem
  • Electrical or duct tape
  • A bowl from a head shop, or you could make one from aluminum foil

How to Make your Water Bong:

  • Using the scissors, make a hole in the bottle about 4” from the bottom.
  • Take the pen apart, keeping the barrel
  • Poke the pen barrel into the hole you’ve just made, placing it at an angle so it points down to the bottom of the bottle inside and up towards you on the outside
  • Seal the hole with tape; it needs to be air tight
  • Attach the bowl to the stem; if you tape it in place, make sure that it can’t come into contact with the burning weed. Burning plastic is not A Good Thing…
  • If you’re making a bowl from foil, poke holes into the base to allow the smoke through
  • Make a thumb-hole into the back of the bong

How to Use your Homemade Water Bong

  • Fill the bong with about 3” of cold water (some people actually use ice to really cool down the smoke). If you tend to cough when you smoke, try using hot water which will help counteract the drying effects of the smoke
  • Pack the bowl with weed – medium-tight should do it
  • Cover the bottle opening with your mouth
  • Hold the bong with your thumb or your hand over the thumb-hole (carb)
  • As you put a flame to the bowl, inhale
  • The bong will fill with smoke, inhale until you think you have enough smoke in the chamber
  • Uncover the thumb-hole and breathe in the smoke
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